How to spot a fake Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet

One of Cartier’s most famous pieces of jewelry is the LOVE bracelet. Since their first introduction in the 1970s, they have grown in popularity as among of the most sought-after pieces of casual jewelry for both men and women.

The bracelet is a widely recognized symbol of devotion and affection. The screw-studded flat bangle that secures to the wrist is the LOVE bracelet. The piece, which is opened and secured with a screwdriver, is meant to symbolize unbreakable love.

The Cartier LOVE bracelet is a constant target of unauthorized reproduction because of its legendary status and widespread appeal. It’s crucial to remember that not all Cartier LOVE bangles are created equal when determining their authenticity because the design and style have changed throughout time.

At Allthingsshinyy, we are up front about which of our pieces are replicas and which aren’t. There are many dishonest sellers out there who would gladly sell you a replica cartier love bracelet but charge real cartier price.

Here are some pointers to help you distinguish between a genuine LOVE bracelet and a fake:


Every Cartier Love bracelet has a “hallmark” that denotes the type of metal it is made of. 18K, 750, or occasionally both numerals are stamped on 18K gold love bracelets. The numbers 950 are used to indicate platinum love bracelets. If your bracelet does not have such hallmarks, that is unquestionably a red flag.

Yet, neither of these hallmarks nor the bracelets’ serial numbers were present when Aldo Cipullo first created the Cartier Love bracelets in the 1970s. This made it simple for counterfeiters to start dumping bogus goods on the market. Around 50% of the Love bracelets from the 1970s are probably fakes.

The Cartier stamps are only vaguely resembled by these copies. Here is the first illustration of how to identify a fake Cartier Love bracelet.

The imitation frequently has a smudged Cartier logo and utilizes an 18kt stamp in place of the Cartier’s “750” stamp when you look at the stamps, which are not the same. Moreover, the fake’s stamp is sloppy and not done precisely. The markings on a genuine Cartier love bracelet should be clear, uniform, and smooth.

Fake vs. Real


The weight of the bracelet is one of the biggest indicators of a fake because Cartier’s name was established on the use of only the finest gold and platinum. Depending on the precise model you choose, the bracelet should weigh between 30-38 grams (approximately five to six US quarters). The imitation bracelet will weigh less when compared to the original Love bracelet.

The color of the metal is another important consideration. Discoloration or chipping are obvious problems.

Fake Cartier Bangle Love Bracelet Vs. Real


The design of the screws has recently undergone changes, as may be seen. The bracelet is now secured with the screws.

Genuine Cartier Love bracelets are extremely accurate, with the screws imprinted onto the metal precisely. The screw stamps on the replicas are not evenly spaced, smooth, or properly aligned.

The screws on this fake love bangle slightly overlap into the opposite side; keep in mind that even the tiniest flaw could indicate that you are buying a fake. The screw axes on the all-diamond bracelet are also overly broad. On the genuine Love bracelet shown below, take note of how much thinner they are.

The screws will always be immaculate because Cartier is renowned for their quality.

The edges of the genuine Cartier Love bracelet are clean and exact. The screwdriver should have no trouble turning the screws. The sides of a faux Cartier Love bracelet are curved, giving the impression that it is more rounded. Also, it is much more difficult to open the screws.

Fake Vs. Real


The cost is another obvious difference. You’re probably right if something seems too wonderful to be true. The price you’re paying shouldn’t be too far off from the $6,300 suggested retail price of a brand-new gold Cartier Love Bracelet because these pieces keep their value well. The 1970s-era Charles Revson Love Bracelet is one exception to this rule.

With the inscription “Carles Revson,” Cartier created this special version in collaboration with the creator of Revlon Cosmetics. The bracelets on this less expensive type were electroplated and unscrewed from only one side. These antique items are still available, but you should be informed and the bracelet should be fairly priced.

Make careful you research the seller thoroughly. To be sure they are sincere, check out their website and client testimonials. Sellers ought to disclose their place of business.

  • Don’t limit yourself to online images.
  • It’s critical that you don’t only rely on pictures of the Love bracelet because fakes are often quite well-done. You’ll need to personally have your Love bangle validated while holding it. The Cartier store no longer authenticates LOVE bracelets, making it harder to do this. Although they no longer formally validate Love bangles, if you manage to catch a salesperson in a good mood and show them your purchase, you may get a wink and a nod indicating you’ve got the real deal.
  • Once you receive your Cartier Love bracelet, make sure to get it professionally evaluated to confirm its authenticity. Visit us in a certified jeweler if you want to verify the validity of your Cartier Love bracelet.
  • It is crucial to have your bracelet validated because some reproductions are extremely close to the genuine Cartier Love bracelets.